Day 1/Day 2 - Belize

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and thoughts as we begin our service in Belize!
We landed safely yesterday and settled into our host homes in the evening.

Today, we had the wonderful experience of
communing with the Belizean Church community. Three churches met together a few hours away from where we are staying to celebrate Pentecost and the breaking of fast. The worship was absolutely incredible! It was a unique interactive experience many of us have never encountered before in the U.S.A. Whether clapping, singing, dancing, or praying, everyone made the worship session their own experience. The Holy Spirit was so tangible in the room!

We also had the pleasure of serving in the kids’ ministry, overseeing a short lesson and hula hoop station, face painting station, and soccer station. The kids were so eager to get to know us and it was truly a blessing to be able to serve them and their families.

While winding down from the events of the day, another unexpected opportunity arose. A family who had recently gotten involved with the church here was struggling and we wanted to bless them with worship and encouragement. We sang a few songs and the church pastor prayed over the family.

We are excited to continue to work with the children and community in the days to come. Please continue to pray for our safety, mindsets, and the hearts of the local community.