Day 3 / Day 4 - Belize

Monday morning, we packaged food and supplies to deliver to what has so far been eight households across both days. Many of the households were single mothers. During these house visits, we sang worship music in English and practiced Belizean prayer (where all of us pray out loud at the same time).

Then, on Monday we took a quick cool off at the beach before starting our first day of VBS. It was a big success! Many of the people who went on the mission trip last year were happy to see
familiar faces, and those of who are here for the first time, we are excited to get to really connect with the kids.

Finally, in the evening we helped put together a sports ministry event for the entire local community. Though it was mostly geared toward the youth, people of all ages showed up, and we were all able to connect and have fun with so many different people. We played volleyball, soccer, and various games.

On Tuesday, we spent some team bonding time at a river in the jungle. Afterwards, we did some more house visits. It has been incredibly moving to meet with and hear the stories of these families. One woman we visited had seventeen kids, seven of which have died. The rest of her children have all moved out, so she is completely alone. She told us what a huge blessing it was to have people come visit her and care for her. Another woman we visited suffered from several health issues and was in a wheelchair. Much like the previous woman, she was mostly alone and had only one daughter to care for her. She was moved to tears by our visit and many of us were in return.

Our second day of VBS was a little more chaotic, but still successful overall. We are getting to know the children and it is heartwarming to see how happy they are to be there and to be spending time with us.

Please continue to pray for our team, for the children at VBS, and for the struggling families and individuals in the local community. Your continued prayers mean so much to us!