Travel Day and Current Updates!

Hi there!

We are now officially in Fort Portal! We are a bit jet lagged but we are loving being in Africa and experiencing how we have seen the Lord work already! We traveled for over 30 hours traveling across several continents/countries but overall, the travel went extremely smoothly! Heres some highlights/praise moments!

•During our 8 hour layover in Minneapolis, we discovered that some of our bags were not checked all the way to Uganda, this gave us time to re-check them so that we can have them in Uganda!
•While in Minneapolis, we got to spend time with Isabelle’s (Izzy’s) family at the Mall of America! This was a great way to relax before our long journey!
•Many of us were not seated together and this gave way to opportunities to talk to people and share what we were doing!
•Elle’s seat for Amsterdam had no assignment so she almost didn’t make it on the flight but then the computer assigned her a seat last minute so she was able to join us!
•We only temporarily lost one bag! In Uganda, someone accidentally took Abbie’s bag but the next morning we were reunited with it before heading to Fort Portal! Praise Jesus

•Today we start setting up for Camp. Please pray that the Lord would prepare our hearts and minds so that we connect relationally with those who come!
•Elle is still fighting a cold so prayers that the Lord would heal her.
•That we would submit to the Father’s will, whatever that means! If He wants to work through weather, sickness, uncertainty, we want it! We desire to create space for the Lord to work
•Prayers against spiritual darkness here or any spirit that draws us or the people were serving away from Christ.
•Prayers for hearts of humility and service

Thank you so much for the prayers already! Can’t wait to share more at the end of camp!