This morning, we did something a little different and moved into construction. We poured concrete at the church for the bathroom showers. It was hard work, but the pastor greatly appreciated the help.

In the afternoon, we took some time to rest from the heat. Each team member rested in a different way, but it was a good time of mental recuperation before we started VBS for the day.

At today’s VBS, we had a lot of fun! When we arrived at the church, we were greeted with many eager children who were already at the front door waiting for us. During our time there, some of the girls gave us charm bracelets they had made for the team.

The best part by far came at the end. The games team set up a huge water balloon fight with all of the kids. Everyone got drenched but it was so much fun and there were smiles all around.

To end our day, we had a home cooked meal with a family whose kid is attending VBS. The food was delicious! We are so thankful for their generosity and the continued hospitality and warmth of the whole local community!

Please continue to pray for the health, safety, and endurance of the team, as well as for the hearts and minds of the children and community at large.