This morning, to help streamline the construction process, our team split up into two groups. One went to the church to help with sanding and painting the windows. The church had been wanting to update the windows for a while, so it was a big help that we were able to do that. The other group went back to the river to recuperate a little from the busyness of this week. It was a refreshing break before getting into the last day of VBS.

After lunch, the team visited four more households to drop off food/care packages, worship, and pray over the families. One family was the previous pastor of the church we are working with. Though he has some memory issues, he was lucid enough to be moved by our visit.

Afterwards, we had our last day of VBS! The day went smoothly and the end was filled with heartfelt goodbyes. The kids were so sad to see us go and many of them gave us hugs and told us they hoped to see us again next year. They will miss us and we will miss them.

At the end of the day, we attended an evening church service. This was perhaps one of the most moving parts of the trip. We were overwhelmed by the generosity and warmth of the community. They sang worship with us, and after a sermon on the Holy Spirit, prayed over us. Their prayers were so thoughtful and there were a lot of tears all around.

We continue to be amazed and touched by the local community. The pastor said earlier in the week “when you come to our church, you are family.” Truly, we will forever be part of the family.

The Bible talks about the church extending to all corners of the world, and it has been such a blessing to experience this corner of the global church.

Though our time in Belize is beginning to come to a close, please continue to pray for the safety and health of our team, as well as the hearts, minds, and souls of the Belizean community.