Our last day in Belize was much slower. We spent the first half of the day at a beach, enjoying the cool water and visiting some of the local shops. We stopped for a quick ice cream break before heading back to town.

In the evening, we attended a youth service at a banana farm. We played soccer and volleyball, sang worship, and prayed with the youth. It was a blessing to be able to visit them one last time before heading home.

To wrap up the evening, we were blown away yet again by the continued hospitality of the local community. Even though we came here to serve others, we continue to be amazed by the ways that they serve us in return.

The very first woman we visited, all the way back on Saturday evening, is a baker. For our last day here, she baked us a very large, intricate, and extremely thoughtful farewell cake that we were not expecting.

Her kindness, and the kindness of so many others here, will continue to stick with us as we return to our own homes and communities back in the states.