Honduras Team Update -Days 1 & 2

Hello everyone!
Yesterday (5/27), our team had a long travel day from Denver to Honduras. There were some concerns that our plane would be unable to land due to heavy smoke pollution, but thanks to God's provision and faithfulness, we were one of the few planes to land in Honduras this week! God's faithfulness to safely get us to our lodging through a hectic travel day was an encouraging way to start off this great adventure.

Today (5/28), We had a very hot and sweaty start to our day with a 'feels like' temperature of 111 and high humidity. Yet, the warmest part of our day was the welcome we received from the children and staff of the CCU Compassion Center. We spent our morning meeting with the local staff team while touring the church and child development center. We enjoyed a traditional Honduran meal of Pollo Sucio and ended with a game of tag with some of the children to help our food settle. We then were greeted by many of the sponsor children with hugs and smiles. The afternoon was spent interacting with and sharing God's love with the children. Our amazing translators helped our team talk to the kids while we learned their names, ages, and favorite activities. The joy that each of the kids spread to our team was infectious as we were soon laughing and giggling with them.

We would love if you could pray with our team for:
- God to continue showing his faithfulness in safety and health for our team
- Long-term relationships between our team and their sponsor children to be built
- Rain for the people in our area as they are in an extreme drought
-That God’s kingdom grows and his love is shown through our actions

>>God is faithful and he has answered so many of our prayers already. All glory be to Him!<<