Honduras Team Update - Day 3

Hey guys!
Today (5/29) we got to know the people, mission, and facilities of another Compassion site! The kids at this site were a much larger range of ages, and we were able to tour and see what the kids were learning regarding education, interpersonal skills, and practical work skills. We purchased homemade items from the students and parents of students such as bracelets, earrings, and perfume and were able to paint an outdoor playhouse structure for the kids. The Lord’s love shone through the kindness of the children and adult workers again and again as they showed us what it looked like to be hospitable to others. After lunch in the afternoon, we were able to visit the homes of some of the families whose children are part of the Compassion programs, a truly eye-opening and powerful experience. While they had little material possessions, these families inspired us greatly by showing that true happiness and joy come from being a follower of the living God, not from worldly things. We ended the day with a delicious dinner at a local restaurant and spent the evening laughing and enjoying community with one another.

In addition, the Lord showed Himself in an amazing way tonight by sending rain! This area has not had rain in over a year, and our team had been praying that God would provide rain to water the ground and help clear out the pollution in the sky. Just as he did during the time of Elijah, God showed His faithfulness through the blessing of rain!

Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers during this time; we are all so grateful for this opportunity to see the Lord in a new way on this trip. Gloria a Dios!