Honduras Team Update - Day 4

Hi all!
Today (5/30) our team was able to tour a third compassion site. This site was a bit different than the others we have visited so far. They offer a “survival program” for mothers and their children ages 0-3 as well as the usual program for older kids. We learned that this unique program helps teach young children basic skills that help them succeed as they mature. They teach fine motor skills, attentiveness, and following commands. The team spent time loving on the children and learning about the lives of the mothers and staff. God’s love was clearly shining through all the staff there. Their unshakeable and determined faith in His goodness and love is truly inspiring. We all saw the Lord working in and through this site.

Our team has continued to pray for rain to heal the parched land and polluted sky in Honduras. Praise the Lord because he is providing rain! During our debrief tonight we spent time worshiping and thanking God (in the rain!) for the goodness he has revealed to us on this trip. We can’t wait to continue praising him for his faithfulness throughout the rest of the week!

- Please pray for strength for our team to continue to see and feel His presence.
- Pray also for the families and children we encounter that God will continue to provide for them and show his love to them.