Update from Cambodia!

Hello from Cambodia! We have had a wonderful, grace-filled, challenging, and impactful two weeks here in Cambodia so far. We have done many outreach opportunities, including playing soccer with 'God kids' (kids who reside primarily on the street), doing medical clinics in the slums, teaching English, conducting a VBS, attending the local church services, and having Bible studies with young adults. In the medical clinic we had several different stations which included lice care, foot care and nail painting, testing for blood-pressure, health informing, and prayer. We did a variation of this with the God kids on the side of a busy road in a large dirt lot. The children were picked up by Lightbridge leaders and our team to leave begging for the night and receive some basic care and have fun. We washed their feet, cared for their wounds, picked lice out of their hair, and played soccer with them. These kids stole the hearts of our team with love for their precious lives and hurt for the injustice they face everyday.

In the VBS we did last week at a local Christian school in the village, we had games, Bible-teaching, crafts, and dancing. I got to conduct the dancing with them, and it was such a sweet thing to see one little girl get carried away into her own little world while dancing to worship music. We then taught English at the village school and the New Life school. Teaching English gives the children more opportunities for jobs and expands their horizons. While attending the church and youth services, we have been able to see the strong presence of the Lord in an otherwise dark city. The young adults who serve the church have welcomed us generously and lovingly, and we have seen how we are all one in Christ when we worship together in different languages, but to the same God.The way the Lord moves with different gifts is such a powerful occurrence to witness. I see the many talents of my team expressed in moments when we need it, which reinforces the necessity of every member in the body of Christ. They are an incredible team to work with, and I see Christ exemplified in each of them. They pour their heart into each activity we do and love the adults and children we encounter so well. Plus, they are a funny bunch.

Tomorrow we will be hanging out with the 'Next Level' sponsorship students, which are college students that Lightbridge sponsors to put through university. Like last Saturday, we will attend their high energy and welcoming service, with our team Leader Lake preaching and staff lead Collin sharing his testimony.

Praise the Lord for what He has done! God has been our strength and protector in all things, and we continue to look to Him to continue his plan here in Cambodia. Even in the difficulties we've seen, I know that the Lord's word will not return void (Isaiah 55).

Please pray that the Lord would protect and heal our team of sickness. Please pray for strength as we continue. Pray for Lightbridge and the work that they will continue after we leave. Please pray that we would carry love so richly among us that Christ be magnified in all we do. Above all, pray that the LORD would receive the glory from our time here, and that more precious Cambodians come to know Him!

love you all!