Updated from Honduras - Day 5!

Hello from Honduras! Today (5/31) our team got the chance to meet all of our sponsors kids from our CCU Compassion site! We met the kids at a small water park where we were able to give them big hugs and lots of love. If you don’t know what a Compassion sponsor kid is, it’s a child that is in extreme need of the things needed to survive. A sponsor donates $43 a month to help provide these needs. This sponsorship program aims to break the cycle of poverty by providing children with physical, social, spiritual, and economic care and training. The goal is to help children become self-sufficient and fulfilled adults. The team was able to spend the majority of today just playing with these kids and getting to know them. Each kid was assigned a translator that allowed the communication between languages to be much more deep than “what is your favorite color”. Every kid came accompanied by a caretaker from their family and some brought siblings as well! This allowed the team to grow connections with the families of these sponsor kids. To finish off the day with the kids, each sponsor from the team gifted their kid a backpack full of things such as toys, clothes, toothbrushes, water bottles, and much more.

The Lord worked so hard in the team’s hearts today by showing how much joy these children have, when they have so little. We got to see so many examples of childlike faith in not only the children, but their parents too. Many testaments of the Lord’s goodness were shown and told today by each of the families. The Lord’s goodness was shown so greatly throughout the day and it ended with more rain!

-Please pray for more rain for the country of Honduras!
-Please pray for strength and endurance as the team is starting to get more tired
-Please pray that we continue to see the Lord’s goodness in everything we do
-Please pray that we soften our hearts to what the Lord wants to tell us