Belize Spring Break Day 2 03/23

Today the team went to the local grocery store, bought food and other household necessities, and portioned them into food distribution packages which will be distributed to houses in the village all throughout the week. We delivered a package to a woman known at the church we were serving with, who is unable to walk since having an operation on her back that's left her lower body extremely weak. This woman's sister (in the red) traveled from Mexico just to care for her sister. These ladies were FULL of life and joyfully shared their stories of how they have seen God move in their lives with us, prayed with us, and even told us about her son who builds boats!!
At the end of the day, the team got to go down to the beach with all of the local kids and have fun in the water, throw lots of mud at each other, and connect with new and old freinds in the village!