Week 2 Recap! 5/27-6/2

Hi hi! Thanks for being patient with our lack of service. We are so excited anytime we get the opportunity to share stories with you all! Here is a little, day by day update of what we did last week (5/27-6/2)

Monday: We had a rest/ fun day with a slow morning surrounded by coffee and conversations. then we got to hang out at a local pool and play volleyball!

Tuesday: We went into a local market to buy small juices and biscuits to bring to the hospital. At the hospital, we broke into pairs and passed out the snacks and prayed over the people in the pediatric ward as a group and the girls also did the maternity ward. This was a hard yet powerful time to connect with people!

Wednesday: We explored the different properties that our local ex-patriot family owns. We went first to the airstrip and heard amazing stories of how God’s kingdom has expanded because of this land. We prayer walked over it asking God to build a Bible school. May God’s will be done over ours!

Thursday: During their lunch period, we went to a local school and played with the elementary children. These kids are so full of joy and fun! They loved teaching us their favorite games and playing with the girls hair.

Friday: This was the start of our last hurrah fun weekend before Carey and Isabelle left. We drove to a National Park and spent the night playing Marco Polo in the pool and playing late night card games as a team.

Saturday: We woke up early for a Safari Game Drive where we saw elephants, leopards, baboons, kubo and many different types of birds! God’s creation is so breathtaking and we are honored to have the opportunity to experience His creation here in Africa!

Sunday: Carey and Isabelle left for America and that was a hard goodbye. We will miss them and their leadership so dearly but we know that they are off to continue God’s work back home! In the evening, the rest of the team experienced a Hiota church. We worshiped, shared stories, testimonies, a meal and communion around the fire. This was such a unique experience that we all enjoyed!

•Prayers for guidance as we finish this trip as a smaller team
•Prayers against spiritual warfare that tries to distract us from our trip or bring disunity to the group
•Prayers for clarity and wisdom as the team individually prepares and plans service days as part of our cross cultural learning experience.
•Prayers against sickness or feeling not well as our team has faced some frustrating minor sicknesses.