Week 1 Complete!!!

Week 1 Complete!!
Updates days 4-8!!! Our team has had such an amazing time getting to know each of our campers and their families this week! Each member of our team has shown such unique gifts that the Lord has given them with each of their campers and it is so evident that His hand was on each member of our team and their campers this week. He has given us incredible strength and endurance to be able to have patience to learn how to communicate and learn how to serve our unique abilities of our campers and the discernment to be able to know how to best get to know the families of our campers and the best way to share the Gospel with them! Our week has been full of surprises from the Lord. We have been able to spend much time together as a team this week in prayer and debriefing each of our new friendships and relationships with our campers as we are with our campers all day every day. Our days consisted of spending time with campers in their families doing adaptive hiking, canoeing, fishing, arts and crafts, a talent show, an EPIC dance, a Taylor Swift lip sync battle, Bible studies, and continual conversation. The talent show had many of our team with their campers in it and each camper showed us the definition of following the Lord regardless of our circumstances. It is truly such a gift to be able to know these people and let the Lord teach us through them!!

This weekend we will continually spend time resting and celebrating all that the Lord has done this week before we begin serving a new group of families and campers next week. The past few days we have spent time as a team reflecting on the past week, doing LOTS of fishing, spending time at the lake, canoeing, and just being outside! We even got to go adaptive The Lord has made Himself so evident in the creation around us and it’s been so cool to see that so evidently! We even got to go adaptive hiking as a team around the lake - I had never been hiking before (I am the one writing this post) and I’m so thankful to my team for being willing to make this happen! It was definitely a team bonding experience ;)

We would love prayer for continual rest and time together as a team and to continue learning from the perspective the Lord continually gives to us! We have a new set of campers and their families arriving tomorrow, so we would love prayer for a continuous perspective that allows us to share the Gospel with them best and open our eyes to how we can best serve them! We are so excited to see how the Lord makes Himself evident in week 2!!