Week 2 Complete/Travels Home!

Week 2 is complete & we have arrived safely back at home from our trip!! We all have so many things to say about all that the Lord taught us this trip - but the overwhelming word that was experienced by each of us was the power of surrender to the Lord. Throughout these two weeks, we have greatly had to rely on consistent surrender to the Lord for His strength, His shaping of our perspectives, His ability to guide us through the midst of our tiredness, and to continually give us tender hearts to surrender our own desires and understandings to further think of those we are serving as higher than ourselves. These 2 weeks have also given us a new perspective of what it means to be dependent on the Lord. As we have seen in these campers and their families, they have to be dependent on the Lord in ways that many of us may never even imagine. Campers typically rely on their family members for all activities of daily living such as being able to get in and out of bed at night, eating, drinking, pushing their wheelchairs, and more. The families must rely deeply on one another to help their families and children, as many of the campers have high needs that need 24/7 care. To see the way these families love on their children so incredibly well has been astounding, and has truly taught us the value of what it means to suffer for the sake of the Gospel. The Lord does not call us to a life that will always be easy, but we have seen that He is faithful to provide in the midst of ALL circumstances, even ones that may seem impossible.

This being said, the joy that we were able to witness from the campers and their families during these two weeks has been amazing! Joy is not dependent upon our circumstances, but on living a life with Christ and walking with Him in the midst of all circumstances. We also got to experience so much joy in spending time with our team this week & building these strong friendships with each other! We have all agreed that we have laughed more than we have in a long time, and some of us even got named “the giggle crew.” The joy of the Lord is real & it is evident in all things, for by Him all things were created! Thank you so much for your support in planning this trip and for prayer leading up to it and during the trip. We are so grateful to the Lord for leading us all here and we hope to come back soon!! Praise the Lord for all that He continues to do!