Hello and Welcome! We are Four Days Away!

By Meara Hoffman on 5/14/2024


Hello beloved friends, family and donors! My name is Meara Hoffma...

Yard Sale Fundraising Day 2 Complete!

By Haley Duke on 4/14/2024

Archaeology 2024 in Turkey

Day 2 of the yard sale finished! We were out from 5:30 to 4:30 and ...

Yard Sale Fundraising Day 1 Complete!

By Haley Duke on 4/13/2024

Archaeology 2024 in Turkey

Yard Sale Fundraiser Day 1 Complete! Sunburnt and tired but a day w...

We are back and fired up!

By Kevin Haggerty on 4/9/2024

Thank you all so much for your prayers! We had a blast! The over...

6 days away!

By Brooke Bartelson on 3/18/2024

New York Spring Break

Hi family and friends! This is where we will share information abou...

Team building and trip preparation underway!

By Haley Duke on 3/18/2024

Archaeology 2024 in Turkey

Our team is so excited for this summers trip! We completed a securi...

Will be on the Big Island in 1 Week

By Kevin Haggerty on 3/16/2024


Hi all! We are making our final preparations this week! We are so ...

Why Utah?

By Audra Welsh on 2/29/2024

Utah Spring Break

Why Utah? This question is asked almost every time I share that I a...

Tex Mex Border 2023--A Recap

By William Ackerman on 2/21/2024

TexMex Border

My name is Alex, and I am thrilled to tell you about last year's tr...

Video for India

By Amara De Boer on 11/17/2023


Please use the link below to watch a video of the experience that o...

India 2024

By Amara De Boer on 11/17/2023


India is a large continent known for its colors, food, and spiritua...