Alabama Days 1-3!

By Lindsay Cochran on 6/18/2024

Days 1-3!! We have all arrived in Alabama safely! The Lord has alre...

Week 2 Recap! 5/27-6/2

By Meara Hoffman on 6/8/2024

Hi hi! Thanks for being patient with our lack of service. We are so...

Belize Spring Break Day 5 & 6: 03/26 - 03/27

By Connor Laber on 6/7/2024

On days 5 and 6, we were able to finish painting the entire interio...

Belize Spring Break Day 4: 03/24

By Connor Laber on 6/7/2024

Today we split into two teams, one team stayed back and painted the...

Belize Spring Break Day 2 03/23

By Connor Laber on 6/7/2024

Today the team went to the local grocery store, bought food and oth...

Belize Spring Break: Day 1 03/22

By Connor Laber on 6/7/2024

It was an early morning but we made it safe and sound to the airpor...

Honduras Team Update - Day 8

By Hannah Manaois on 6/5/2024

Hi everyone! Today (6/3) our team visited our CCU Compassion site ...

Thank You! - Belize

By Julia Martindale on 6/2/2024

Belize Summer

We want to take a moment to thank for your continued prayers, suppo...


By Anna Hudgens on 6/2/2024


Today we went to the CCU site and did a VBS for the kids! We got to...

We Are 2 Weeks Away!

By Lindsay Cochran on 6/1/2024

Our team is getting ready to go in 2 weeks and we are excited to se...

Camp Recap!!

By Meara Hoffman on 6/1/2024

Hello Family and Friends back home and all over the world!! We apol...

Updated from Honduras - Day 5!

By Maya King on 6/1/2024

Hello from Honduras! Today (5/31) our team got the chance to meet a...

Update from Cambodia!

By Sydney bowles on 5/31/2024

Hello from Cambodia! We have had a wonderful, grace-filled, challen...

Honduras Team Update - Day 4

By Hannah Manaois on 5/31/2024

Hi all! Today (5/30) our team was able to tour a third compassion...

Honduras Team Update - Day 3

By Andy Kazmaier on 5/30/2024

Hey guys! Today (5/29) we got to know the people, mission, and fac...

Honduras Team Update -Days 1 & 2

By Trevor Graves on 5/29/2024


Hello everyone! Yesterday (5/27), our team had a long travel day f...

Day 7 - Belize

By Julia Martindale on 5/26/2024

Belize Summer

Our last day in Belize was much slower. We spent the first half of ...

Day 6 - Belize

By Julia Martindale on 5/24/2024

Belize Summer

This morning, to help streamline the construction process, our team...

Day 5 - Belize

By Julia Martindale on 5/23/2024

Belize Summer

This morning, we did something a little different and moved into co...

Travel Day and Current Updates!

By Meara Hoffman on 5/22/2024


Hi there! We are now officially in Fort Portal! We are a bit je...

Day 3 / Day 4 - Belize

By Julia Martindale on 5/22/2024

Belize Summer

Monday morning, we packaged food and supplies to deliver to what ha...

Day 1/Day 2 - Belize

By Julia Martindale on 5/20/2024

Belize Summer

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and thoughts as we beg...

Hello and Welcome! We are Four Days Away!

By Meara Hoffman on 5/14/2024


Hello beloved friends, family and donors! My name is Meara Hoffma...

Yard Sale Fundraising Day 2 Complete!

By Haley Duke on 4/14/2024

Archaeology 2024 in Turkey

Day 2 of the yard sale finished! We were out from 5:30 to 4:30 and ...