Archaeology 2024 in Turkey

Jun 15 2024 - Jun 29 2024
Each summer, CCU sends a team of students, staff, and faculty to Israel to participate in an archaeological excavation. However, this summer because of the current war in Israel, we are sending our archaeology team to the lands of Turkey and Cyprus for two weeks! This is the first time CCU has ever sent a team to these areas! Here they will travel and tour the exact places of Paul's first missionary journey along side world renown archaeologists and scholars. They also will tour the seven churches of John's Revelation. Throughout all of this they will share the love and light of Christ with the people of Turkey and with all they may encounter! 

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Haley Duke
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Yard Sale Fundraising Day 2 Complete!

By Haley Duke on 4/14/2024

Archaeology 2024 in Turkey

Day 2 of the yard sale finished! We were out from 5:30 to 4:30 and ...

Yard Sale Fundraising Day 1 Complete!

By Haley Duke on 4/13/2024

Archaeology 2024 in Turkey

Yard Sale Fundraiser Day 1 Complete! Sunburnt and tired but a day w...

Team building and trip preparation underway!

By Haley Duke on 3/18/2024

Archaeology 2024 in Turkey

Our team is so excited for this summers trip! We completed a securi...

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